Friday, September 5, 2014

Meet Marty

Hi Folks,
I've made a number of ravens over the years, but Marty was the first, and I got rather attached to him.

 I put him in one show, and secretly hoped no one would buy him.  Then I took him home and decided I needed to keep him.
 I've made ravens for other art shows, and people sometimes commission them.  Here is a pair I made for someone a few years ago.

 You either are a crow/raven person or are not.  I find them fascinating.  They mate for life, and are scary smart.  Here's a pretty interesting video showing just how clever they can be.

My initial raven sculpture, Marty, was the model for my raven graphic design-- which you can have printed in a variety of colors (black with blue, purple or teal) on any of the Artitude tees or the messenger bag.  


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