Friday, September 5, 2014

Meet the curious fox

Hello-- Meet the curious fox-- the first of several fox sculptures I've created out of steel.
He began as a sketch on the floor of my workshop.  That's how I often start-- I keep a supply of sidewalk chalk on hand for this.

Next I framed in his body and head.  It's important to get the proportions right, and also the biomechanics- balance etc.

I actually have kind of a thing about the feet.  It's a detail that is often overlooked in sculpture, but I like my pieces to balance properly- to stand on their feet just as they would in real life.  So I take a lot of time to get the feet right, even if most people will never notice this.

Slowly he was filled-in and took shape.

He went home with someone else, a gallery sale, but now anyone can enjoy a print of him on any of the Artitude tees or the messenger bag.

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