Saturday, November 29, 2014

Origin story

Hello Everyone.  Thanks for visiting Artitude Tees.
My name is Sue Seeger and I'm a metal sculptor living and working in Minnesota (USA).
I'm pretty sure I have the world's cutest welding shop (on the outside-- inside it is pretty standard-- lots of grime and metal dust.)

I LOVE making steel sculptures, and love sharing my work with others.  Here is a pic of a piece I did as an underground installation (guerrilla art) for my local mountain bike trail (another passion).  She is made of an old stock car found in the very woods she now perches in.  She's named "Tina" after a name found painted on a rear fender, one of the *pit crew*.

She represents a lot of things to me, creative freedom, the spirit of adventure, my respect for her forest home, the trail, and the local mtb culture.  I guess she became my spirit animal in a way, so was a natural choice for the Artitude logo.

I started Artitude because I found my sculptures, my thoughts about them, have a life beyond the physical piece I create.  The images live in my head for quite a while before they make it into form, and even after the fact they are still tumbling around up there.
Playing with them as graphic images is another creative outlet for me, and it allows me to share my process and my work with more people.
The items you see are not printed at some huge screen printing company.  I do everything myself in the 1/2 of the garage my husband allowed me to commandeer (and this is a guy with no basement!)  So everything you see here is very much a hand-made creation, and every purchase you make helps support me and my work. 
Thanks for checking it out.
~Sue Seeger

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